Launch for the implementation Session “Sharing an Information” for prevention of corruption

CEPAD together with the Secondary High School Sagrado Coração de Jesus-Becora conducts an activity about the Session “Sharing an Information” to the students of grade 3o which are members of the student council and the activity is accompanied by the teachers which are teaching the subject of Citizens Education.

Through this extracurricular activity in addition to the already existing activity of the school in human formation, information are shared about how to prevent and combat corruption through action, honesty, responsibility, discipline and accountability. In this implemented activity, one of the representatives from the Sacrojes School said “…This formation is not only good for students, but it is also good for us as teachers, on how to understand and to know well about what is corruption. The door of Sacrojes’s school is still open to CEPAD in the further future to continue this activity for the young generation”, is according to the teacher Angela Fernandes, who is responsible of Students Council. Before opening this session together with the representative of Sacrojes School, Mr. João Boavida said in his introduction that “…This program of Good Governance is to create a government which is good, through the preparation of the young students as the future professionals and they should really learn something for their future. {When} to lead you should lead with a whole heart of responsibility, transparency, honesty and discipline.” (According to the Director Executive CEPAD Mr. João Boavida). This activity held on June 22, 2021 at the Secondary High School Sacrojes-Becora with financial support of Misereor.