Throughout CEPAD’s 2007-2009 countrywide consultations, participants consistently identified the need to establish neutral spaces for community dialogue, as a key platform to facilitate peace building.

Addressing this need, Peace Houses were developed, based on the traditional Timorese custom of ‘rolling out the mat’ (nahe-biti boot) – or meeting to discuss and resolve disputes. These safe, neutral and community owned venues act as a bridge between municipalities and Timor-Leste’s capital by fostering local debates and linking these to issues of national importance. Peace Houses are also designed to host a range of complementary activities that bring people together and encourage civil society participation, including youth group meetings, workshops on craft commercialization and language classes.

CEPAD and local communities have so far launched 6 (six) Peace Houses in the municipalities of Aileu, Baucau, Bobonaro, Ermera, Manufahi and Manatuto.


Aileu Peace House

Aisirimou village, Aileu Municipality. Construction launched in November 2010, inaugurated in August 2011.


Baucau Peace House

Triloka village, Baucau Municipality. Construction launched in March 2011, inaugurated in October 2011.


Maliana Peace House

Holsa village, Bobonaru Municipality. Construction launched in August 2011, inaugurated in December 2011.


Ermera Peace House

Talimoru village, Ermera Municipality. Construction launched October 2012, inaugurated March 2013.


Same Peace House

Letefoho village, Manufahi Municipality. Construction launched in September 2014, inaugurated in April 2015.

Manatutu Peace House

Ma’abat village, Manatuto Municipality. Construction launched in August 2015.